Life can be a rat race and time is valuable. At Biron, we acknowledge this, and when it comes to health, we make every effort to offer the best possible services to serve you promptly by applying the highest possible standards in terms of quality and reliability.

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Medical laboratory

With Biron, you can expect cutting-edge technology in comfortable surroundings, and our team of experienced professionals delivers your medical test results in record time! Learn more

Sleep care

Biron has a unique expertise in sleep disorder diagnosis. They will follow up on your treatments so you can regain your quality of life. Learn more

Preventive health

Biron provides its corporate clientele with a preventive health program that includes a complete health assessment and continuous health monitoring. Learn more

Workplace healthcare

Taking care of your employees’ health brings far more benefits than commonly believed. Discover the benefits of a well-targeted health program. Learn more

Imagix Radiology

Enjoy the best of technology for your medical imaging needs. Our reputable team of radiologists will take care of you in priority. Learn more

Our approach

Reliability, speed of service and efficiency are at the heart of our approach that we have applied to develop our organization, in addition to our 60 years of existence.


Whether we acquire the latest equipment or offer the most recent tests, the company makes every effort to remain at the forefront of trends and meet the highest standards of quality. This commitment is also reflected in the integrated management of its test center network that facilitates booking and rapid forwarding of analysis results.


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