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In June, Denis Biron obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology after a one-year internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

On October 10, Mr. Biron founded Laboratoire Biron ltée, located on Boulevard Pie-IX in Montreal. He worked there completely on his own for six years!

The company moved to Boulevard Quinn in Longueuil on Montreal’s South Shore.     

The Québec Health Insurance Plan came into effect. Laboratoire Biron’s two employees were laid off, but rehired a few months later. Ève Biron, Mr. Biron’s wife, joined the company and helped it grow.

Acquisition of Bio-Endo after it suffered a fire.

Laboratoire Biron moved its head office to 6955 Boulevard Taschereau in Brossard.

Ève-Lyne Biron began working with the company as marketing director, and was soon followed by her younger sister, Geneviève.  With the introduction of new labour standards, Geneviève began the task of organizing human resources.  

Ève-Lyne Biron took over from her father as company president, ensuring the transition to the second generation.

Acquisition of PolyDiagnostic.

Implementation of a “client-centred” vision and of a new Fox-Lab computer system.

Acquisition of Laboratoire OML.

Introduction of the sleep apnea diagnostic service, with the opening of the first sleep laboratory in Brossard.

Founding of Imagix Imagerie médicale inc. by Geneviève Biron and Dr. Maurice Dufresne. The first clinic in the network was Clinique de Radiologie Laval-Laurentides in Chomedey. Today its name is Imagix Radiologie Chomedey.

The Groupe Radiologie Rive-Sud joined Imagix (clinics in Brossard, Boucherville, St-Hubert and Longueuil).

Clinique de radiologie de St-Laurent
joined Imagix.

Radiologie 2000 in Blainville joined Imagix.

Major change in branding. The names of the various Biron units would now all begin with Biron.  The logo was also changed.

  • Laboratoire médical Biron Inc. became Biron-Laboratoire médical inc.
  • Laboratoire du sommeil Biron and Apnair became Biron-Soins du sommeil inc.
  • The name Imagix Imagerie médicale inc. remained the same, but the Imagix logo now included the letter “B” and adopted the colours grey and orange.

Major organizational change. Biron Groupe Santé inc. was created, heading the autonomous business units that share common services.

Radiology clinics in Longueuil, Châteauguay and Granby joined Imagix.

Acquisition of Médiavis; Biron began activities in clinic management, company medical services, and medical expertise services.

Radiology clinics in Montréal-Nord and Rivières-des-Prairies joined Imagix.                 

The two Longueuil radiology clinics merged and moved to renovated premises.                 

Clinique Radiologie Laennec joined Imagix.

Biron was named an Employeur de Choix au Québec.

Clinique Radiologie Momed joined Imagix under the name Imagix – Radiologie Cabrini.

Opening of medical clinics at Quartier DIX30. Biron-Santé en entreprise S.E.C. was created and operates a clinic at DIX30.

Clinique de radiologie Des Récollets in Trois-Rivières joined Imagix.                 

After 25 years as Biron’s president, Ève-Lyne Biron left the company and was succeeded by Geneviève Biron.

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