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Non-fasting lipid profile and diabetes screening

Your doctor has prescribed a lipid profile (cholesterol) or diabetes screening (glucose)?

Biron now gives you the opportunity to do these tests without having to fast.


The Canadian Cardiovascular Society1 recognizes that the apo B (apolipoprotein B) test is superior to traditional methods of measuring lipids in the blood. This test does not require any fasting. It is now included in all our tests involving lipid measurement (LDL, HDL).

Regarding blood glucose tests, the glycated hemoglobin test (known as HbA1c) is a test that measures the average amount of glucose in the blood over three months. It is an approved test for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes2. No fasting is required for this test either. In people with known diabetes, fasting glucose remains indicated


You can have your blood drawn at any time!

  • Immediately after your appointment with your doctor
  • In the morning
  • At noon, during your lunch break
  • At the end of the day
  • It’s up to you!
  • No discomfort caused by fasting 

At a hospital or a CLSC?

While these tests are state-of-art, most hospitals continue to offer less expensive traditional tests requiring fasting. If you go to a hospital or CLSC for these tests, it is highly likely that they will not perform the apo B test and that fasting will be required.

Give your patients a better risk assessment of cardiovascular disease.

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