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Screening of colon cancer

The SSi test offered by Biron: More precise and less pervasive


Always at the forefront of technology, Biron applies the immunological feces blood technique (SSi), which comprises new generation of tests with undeniable benefits.

No restrictions for the patient

This type of antibody base test eliminates all restrictions with regard to food and medication that could be consumed by the patient before the analysis.

Compare the SSi test to the guaiac test


No risk of interpretation error

Since this test is quantitative and automated, there is no risk of interpretation error by the technician as is the case for the guaiac test. Particularly noteworthy, the specimen collection method for the relevant analysis is also simpler and more practical for the SSi test offered by Biron.

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Screening to better prevent

Each year there are 20,000 new colon cancer cases, of which 10,000 are fatal.

The good news? The chances to effectively fight colon cancer increases by 90% if quickly detected.


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