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We are the health care partners you have been looking for: medical appointments, preventative and complete check-ups; preventative health care doctors will be able to answer your questions.

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A check-up specifically designed for a busy, active business clientele.

health assessment

A complete health assessment helps you take stock of your health and take quick action if required.

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Whether a minor urgency or medical follow-up, our doctors are available to see you in Montréal, Brossard, Laval and Trois-Rivières.
Appointment costs will be billed to patients.


Physical assessements by kinesiologists or physiotherapists. Prescription renewals Blood tests

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quite simply: it makes your life easier

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Will my insurance reimburse me?

Health costs are generally reimbursed by most group insurance plans. You must check your plan, since each one is different.

My employer pays for preventative check-ups, can I have mine done at Biron?

When your employer pays for preventative check-ups, you can decide where you want to have them done. Biron’s services are exceptional due to their quality of care and the expertise of their healthcare professionals. Trying is believing!

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