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Imagix Radiology

Medical expertise coupled with attentive service

Recognized for their medical expertise, the Imagix team is committed to offering you warm and efficient service.

some 13 clinics across quebec

several no-cost tests*

cutting-edge equipment

*Fees apply only for the medication

Services offered

We provide you access to the latest technologies to guarantee you rapid testing and reliable results.


No-cost tests, covered by the RAMQ

To diagnose fractures, bone diseases, injuries, infections, degenerative diseases and other conditions.

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Diagnostic images of soft tissue using an ultrasonic beam. A simple, painless examination without side effects.

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magnetic Resonance imaging (mri)

Provides clear, detailed images of parts of the body using a magnetic field.

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Helps to treat pain caused by tendinitis and capsulitis.

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Provides complete three-dimensional images.


No-cost tests, covered by RAMQ.

Bone densitometry is a method to detect osteoporosis and evaluate fracture risks.

Mammograms are recognised as the most effective way to detect breast cancer.

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biron, your partner for clinical studies

Biron Groupe Santé stands out as the ideal partner for your clinical studies, with its range of specimen collection services, laboratory tests, sleep care and medical imaging services.

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preparing for the tests

Certain tests require some preparation.

See what is involved here.

Examination procedure

Certain tests require some preparation. See what is involved here.

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About imagiX

Imagix - Medical Imaging offers all medical diagnostic and treatment imaging through a network of 13 clinics in Montréal, Montérégie, Laval, the Laurentides and Trois-Rivières.

Thanks to the latest medical equipment and a devoted team, you enjoy high quality service that is both warm and attentive.


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Which tests are at no cost to patients at Imagix?

Several tests are at no cost to patients because they are covered by the RAMQ: X-rays, mammograms (Programme québécois de dépistage du cancer du sein), bone densitometry, digestive radiology, fluoroscopic infiltrations*, ultrasound.

*Fees apply only for the medication.

Which tests are billed to patients and are they covered by group health plans?

Certain tests are not covered by the RAMQ. Generally, group health plans reimburse the cost of these exams: ultrasounds, MRIs, CT-Scans. The medications used during these procedures are billed to patients, but are generally covered by health plans.

Do I need a prescription to have a test done at Imagix?

Yes, medical imagery testing must be prescribed by a health professional in order to be done in a radiology clinic. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and podiatrists can prescribe medical imagery testing. Only the tests prescribed by doctors are covered by the RAMQ.

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