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Biron's approach

The diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders are among the main areas of expertise of the Biron Health Group.

The Biron centers – Sleep Care

In most Québec regions, Biron Sleep Care centers provide complete services, from sleep disorder diagnosis to the treatment of apnea. Biron’s clinical team is exclusively made up of health professionals trained in Sleep Care and have state-of-the art technological equipment to better serve the public. This makes Biron the leader in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders in Québec.

Numerous companies working in the sleep disorder sector cannot provide service delivery equal to Biron – Sleep Care. This is why:

  • An advisory board in sleep medicine comprising a dozen physician (specialists, general practitioners, dentists) advise Biron about medical and technical procedures to achieve diagnoses and to control  sleep apnea treatment
  • All Biron services are developed by the medical and scientific administration headed by Pierre Mayer, Pneumologist, Sleep Care specialist.
  • All new protocol procedures are submitted to the SMAC (Sleep Medicine Advisory Committee) for approval.
  • All our services have strict and recognized protocols, developed and approved by the medical department and the SMAC. There is no room for improvisation.
  • All our tests are interpreted by regional pneumologists specialized in sleep.
  • When needed, you and your physician will have quick access to the pneumologist who handled your file to ensure the best follow-up in case of complications.
  • Tests and treatment application are achieved by respiratory therapists trained in Sleep Care.
  • Our team is always available to lend their support during your treatment.
  • Biron – Sleep Care is duly certified with honours by Accreditation Canada.