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Effective treatment

If it’s possible to obtain certain results by intervening on personal health practices or posture during sleep, the most effective sleep apnea treatment is to use a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP):  with a mask adapted to the face; this apparatus keeps the superior airways open at all breathing cycle stages during sleeping hours.

This device is also effective, to a certain degree, in eliminating central apneas. The positive pressure treatment improves the sleep efficiency, reduces cardiac work and increases the oxygen level in blood.

Available funding

Communicate with Biron’s specialists – Sleep Care. 1-855-SOMMEIL

They will be able to recommend the system that will be best adapted to your specific needs.

To obtain more information on certain CPAP devices, please visit the following sites.


To conform to our manufacturers’ new sales policy, we were obliged to withdraw our on-line boutique. We agree with this approach since it favours a patient meeting a respiratory therapist when initially buying a positive pressure device (CPAP) or a new mask. Rest assured that your commitment to, and the success of, your therapy are the focus of our actions and our pledge to you. To order parts, for a quote or for any other question, please call our Client Customer Service: 1-855-SOMMEIL or 514-866-2344.