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Full pediatric poly-somnography - Procedures and indications

Do not forget your prescription

The parent can sleep on site; a second bed will be made available for the night. He/she cannot, however, sleep in the same bed to not adversely affect test results.

  • The child must avoid drinking soft drinks and sweet food before the test.
  • If possible, the time of the appointment will be established according to the child’s usual routine.
  • At your arrival, a health professional will visit the room with you.
  • A small conversation will take place to explain to you in detail how the test is performed.
  • You will have to complete a pediatric questionnaire on your child’s sleep (do not forget the medication list, if applicable).
  • To prepare for the test: several painless sensors will be applied to the child’s scalp, close to the eyes, on his/her hands and legs. We will follow his/her cardiac action and the oxygen rate in his/her blood throughout the night.
  • During the night, a professional will ensure that the test is being performed correctly, the data is recorded and your child is comfortable.
  • Waking time is scheduled between 6:00 a.m. and 6:15 a.m.
  • You will have access to a full private bathroom on site.
  • If the child is sick during the day of the test (cough, fever, vomiting, etc.), it is important to communicate with customer service as soon as possible to assess the need to change the appointment.

To bring:

Pyjamas, slippers, healthy snack (milk) diapers (if needed) and all necessary accessories so the child can sleep well.


An official receipt will be given to you following payment of the test. Methods of payment: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), debit card or cash.


Interpretation of the test will be performed by one of our medical specialists. The results will be sent to you and your doctor by mail or email within 14 days after your appointment.