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Sleep Apnea

Manual titration

Medical prescription compulsory


Diagnostic test realized at the clinic as part of a full poly-somnography.


This aims at manually and gradually determining the level of pressure of the CPAP necessary to counter sleep apnea. Oxygen titration can also be carried out.

The entire procedure takes place under the supervision of a respiratory therapist or a medical electrophysiology technologist.

When is this procedure indicated?

Manual titration (dose ranging study) is used in addition to a diagnostic test confirming the presence of sleep apnea. The goal is to eliminate - as much as possible - the respiratory events observed during the diagnostic test, namely: apneas, hypo-apneas, snoring, flow limitation, micro-awakeness. It also aims at standardizing the oxygen rate in blood.


Titration should not be performed in a patient suffering from hypotension, a confused patient or one who does not cooperate.


Procedures and indications to follow