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The ABC’S of insomnia 


Insomnia is very popular in population.


This sleep disorder is a tool used by the body to indicate that something is not going well. It can present itself in various ways:

  • Difficulty to fall asleep or to maintain sleep (frequent awakening during the night)
  • Very early morning wakening
  • Etc.


Several types of factors can cause insomnia:

  • Psychological (such as stress)
  • Psychiatric (such as depression)
  • Physical (such as pain)

Who can suffer from it?

Insomnia can occur at all ages and remain for several days or during months, even years. It is more frequent in elderly persons, with sleep becoming lighter over the years. For several, aging is also accompanied by chronic health problems that could result in insomnia.

When insomnia lasts for more than three months, then we can call it chronic insomnia.

Chronic insomnia

How to treat insomnia