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Sleep Apnea


Medical prescription compulsory


Diagnostic testing performed at the clinic during a full night’s sleep. Under the supervision of a respiratory therapist or an medical electro-neurophysiology technologist.


It uses a range of sensors to record physiological data such as:

  • Cerebral electric, cardiac and muscular activity
  • Certain respiratory parameters (apneas or hypopneas)

This allows quantifying the respiratory events and analyzing them on the basis of the following variables:

  • Sleep stages and micro-awakeness
  • Respiratory effort
  • Gasometrical repercussions – by measuring for percutaneous oxymetrical saturation
  • Cardiovascular repercussions – by measuring the heart rate

For which case is this test indicated?

When obstructive sleep apnea (respiratory arrest) is not visible but the presence of sleep disorders is suspected.




Procedures and indications to follow