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Out two-tier follow-up service

1. Initial information meeting

During a 90-minute assessment and information meeting, a respiratory therapist will explain the specific nature of the treatment and the ideal approach to optimize results.

We will specifically discuss the equipment that could be used according to the attending physician’s prescription (CPAP, AutoCPAP or BIPAP, masks), and their operation and maintenance.

Biron’s customer approach – Sleep Care is focused on understanding your needs and the ownership of your condition: this is the reason we make sure you are well informed to actively participate in the treatment approach.

2. Therapeutic follow-ups

Three follow-ups will be performed by the respiratory therapist you met:

  • The first within one week
  • The second within one month
  • The third will be performed after a year of treatment

An evolution report will be completed and sent to the attending physician and to health interveners who will ensure follow-up of the file.

A trial period

A three-month trial period allows you to select the mask that is best suited for you. We provide consistent support to our customers to achieve optimal adjustment of their therapy; this is to reduce stopping treatment.

If you have questions during the treatment?

A visit to our centers, or at home, is suggested when you have a technical problem or a problem adapting to the therapy. Visits are also planned at our centers to complete a compliance report prior to the medical visit.


Communicate with Biron – Sleep Care specialists.

They will be able to recommend the system that will be the best adapted to your specific needs.