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Your company’s financial health depends on your employees’ health.

Experts in corporate health, our multidisciplinary team can help you identify your needs and meet them with services tailored to your company’s requirements.

four clinics specialized in corporate health

all required tests done under one roof

supervised by a doctor

our team comes to your company

Services offered

We provide you access to the latest technologies to guarantee you rapid testing and reliable results.

pre-hire check-up

All tests are done under one roof to avoid travel.

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drug and alcohol screening

Emergency service available 24 hours a day.

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corporate Vaccination

Immunisation is the best protection against illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.

Corporate health day

A team of professionals from Biron - Corporate Health comes to your workplace and offers your employees a series of services.

a safe and secure work environment

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What are the main health-related conditions that most influence productivity? 

The factors that most impact work productivity are fatigue, insomnia and depression. A good health program can easily detect, prevent and treat these conditions.

Is there a relationship between employees' lifestyle risk factors and absenteeism?

Employees with four risk lifestyle risk factors (obesity, lack of physical activity, poor diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.) have a 50% higher absenteeism rate than employees with no risk factors. A good health program can positively influence these behaviours with education and appropriate preventative measures.

Why should companies help their employees control their chronic conditions?

The loss of productivity due to employees suffering from chronic health conditions, whether physical or mental, costs companies close to 400% more than treating the conditions themselves.