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Screening day

As part of screening day, a nurse and (or) respiratory therapist travel to company offices to offer employees a screening test to determine the capillary glucose, and capillary cholesterol level rates and to take blood pressure.

Screening day, that lasts as long as there are participants, provides a flexible formula that adheres to the needs of all types of companies: individual consultations or in a group, with or without an appointment, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.


Workflow activity

  • Meeting with each patient who wishes to undergo screening
  • Testing for glucose, cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Communication of instructions for use with the appropriate brochures
  • Recommendation for medical consultation if necessary
  • Delivery to each customer of a chart showing the results of the rates obtained.


Here are the screening clinics offered:

  • Screening clinic – women’s health: Gynecological examination, cytology of the cervix and breast disease screening
  • Screening clinic – men’s health: Screening for prostate cancer, blood samples (PSA), physical examination
  • Toxicological profiles (Pre-employment, on-the-job, rehabilitation, etc.)