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Case studies

A good example of direct and indirect effects

Work and abuse of alcohol and drugs

Costs for industries in Canada

Productivity losses from drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Alcohol: $7 billion$
  • Drugs: $5 billion

How much in your business?

  • Absenteeism
  • Decreased productivity
  • Risk of injury due to impaired judgment or impaired faculties
  • Theft
  • Decrease in motivation of other employees
  • Etc.

A workplace drug screening program can avoid all this.

A conclusive case - Trucking and sleep disorders

$1 invested in diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea
$11 in health cost savings and direct costs for accidents due to fatigue

The evidence in numbers for the Compagnie de transport Schneider:

  • 67% less accidents every year
  • 48% reduced total medical expenses
  • 73% reduction in preventable and avoidable accidents
  • Estimated savings per driver: $6,000