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DCAT vaccine (Pertussis, Diphteria, tetanus)

The ABC's of DCAT viruses

Pertussis (whooping Cough)

Pertussis is a bacterial infection that presents coughing fits that can cause significant respiratory difficulties. These symptoms can last for months.

Transmission • It can be transmitted by secretions originating from the nose and the throat of an infected person.

It can cause pneumonia, be responsible for convulsions, serious neurological complications in one case out of 11,000 and it can be fatal for a nursing infant in four cases out of 1,000.


Diphtheria is a serious illness caused by a bacterial toxin and presents itself with a sore throat (pharyngitis, laryngitis), high fever and general malaise. It can also cause skin infection.

Transmission • Diphtheria is spread by direct contact with nose and throat secretions of an infected person or by direct contact with a skin lesion of this person.

It can be fatal in 5 to 10% of cases.


Tetanus is a disease characterized by severe muscular contractions caused by the bacterial toxin.

Transmission • this bacterium enters your body through a break in the skin, even tiny, that becomes contaminated by: soil, saliva, dust, human and animal feces. The risk of infection is greater when it is a penetrating injury due, for example, to a bite or a nail, because it cannot be cleaned in depth. 

It can be fatal in 10% of cases and mortality is higher in young children and elderly persons.


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