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Treatement of insomnia

Treatement of insomnia

To perform correct diagnosis and to identify effective treatment for insomnia, it is essential to ask the patient the following:

  • His/her habits and consumption intake
  • His/her general state of health and the pain experienced
  • The possibility that he/she might have other sleep disorders, such as restless leg syndrome or snoring


The answers to these questions will help identify the cause of the insomnia and the appropriate treatment.


Change one’s lifestyle

Chronic insomnia can be controlled by applying certain basic lifestyle changes:

  • Adopting a healthy sleep lifestyle
  • Practising relaxation
  • In-depth analysis of all elements of one’s personal life
  • Etc.


In some cases, a psychological consultation can be useful. In this regard, cognitive-behavioral therapy will allow an individual to improve his/her perception about his/her health and provide the means to support his/her specific condition.



Several temporary medications may also help in falling asleep. However, they often can be addictive and do not treat the underlying causes of insomnia. Treatments that provide the most sustainable results are the best to change one’s lifestyle.

If the insomnia persists…

If the insomnia persists for more than three months, and the situation does not improve despite adequate follow-up of the family physician’s recommendations, a sleep clinic evaluation should be prescribed.


Want more information on the subject?

Read: Vaincre les ennemis du sommeil (Defeat the sleep enemies).
Dr. Charles Morin, les Éditions de l’Homme, 2009.