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Sleep Apnea

Causes and consequences

Causes can be twofold:

  • Physical – obstructive apnea (OSAS)
  • Nervous – central sleep apnea syndrome (CSAS)

Risk factors

Several other factors can lead to sleep apnea, primarily:

  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Food abuse and obesity;
  • Use of tranquilizers that depress breathing;
  • Malformations likely to have an impact on breathing.

If one or several factors apply to your personal situation, the probability that you suffer from sleep apnea is necessarily increased.


The pronounced fatigue that results from sleep apnea problems can have serious consequences as they could lead to accidents affecting your safety and those of people around you.

In addition to reducing your efficiency in performing your daily tasks, sleep apnea is likely to result in diurnal drowsiness that could be the cause of relatively serious incidents.

The possibility of falling asleep while driving represents one of the most serious risks to be considered. Sleep apnea is also likely to foster hypertension and cerebra-vascular incidents.


Diagnosis tests